About Us

Mazna Holdings Ltd. is a family development and holding company founded in 1964 by Mr. Moshe Sofer. The company activity is only and purely in the real estate sphere. We develop, build and manage large scale projects within Central & Eastern Europe and in Scandinavia (P&S Scandinavia). In the recent years we have expanded to green infrastructure projects (Smart-LED).

Our more than four decades of proven experience in various markets and large number of projects is definitely our biggest asset and a true value for any project we are involved in. Although the current market turbulence effecting many in the industry, we are still developing, expanding and strengthening our activity.

From a well known local construction company, into an international development and holding company with partners and projects in various countries.



moshe-fotkaMoshe Sofer

1932. – 2015.

3 children and 6 grand children.

Formerly the CEO of Haroshet Barzel Ltd. and later Denisra International Ltd.
(1966 – 2011).

Succeeded in turning a small workshop into a leading construction and later a development company. Expertise in Project Financial Analysis and Construction Budgeting. Over four decades of proven
track record in development and construction of several hundreds of thousands of Sq.m of residential, logistics and office buildings.

Mr. Sofer held MA at Business Administration from the Hebrew
University in Jerusalem (ISRAEL).

Managing Director

nimrod-fotkaNimrod Sofer – Managing Director (MBA)

Born in 1962.

Married, with 3 children

Over two decades of experience in development of large scale real estate projects in the CEE countries from green field stage (over 250K sqm in Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia and Romania).

Currently the Managing director of Mazna Holdings and the President of P&S Scandinavia, a company which owns, develop and manage over 50.000 sqm of income producing assets in Sweden and Denmark. Formerly (2004-2007) the CEO of Prigan Holdings Ltd, an international development company active in the CEE region, and the CEO and director (1998-2007) of a local company which developed successfully the first 2 “Holiday-Inn” hotels in Romania, until their successful sale on 2007. Mr. Sofer graduated (MBA) from Lund University (Sweden). Lectured (2001-2010) in various courses, including Business Intelligence course at Växjö Universtiry (Sweden).



Our Philosophy

Our biggest resource is our people and the people we are working with. We believe that every market has different opportunities, but unlike many others, we always focus in finding a niche which we think our people and local partners are among the best at, rather than finding the right people to match a specific opportunity.

With over four decades of experience, development and construction of almost every type of building, we bring to every country we operates in a wealth of experience and out of the box and new ways of thinking.

Our local partners contribute and complete us with the local culture and specific customer’s tastes and expectation, which vary from country to country.