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Our Philosophy

Our biggest resource is our people and the people we are working with. We believe that every market has different opportunities, but unlike many others, we always focus in finding a niche which we think our people and local partners are among the best at, rather than finding the right people to match a specific opportunity. With over four decades of experience, development and construction of almost every type of building, we bring to every country we operate in a wealth of experience and out of the box and new ways of thinking. Our local partners contribute and complete us with the local culture and specific customer’s tastes and expectation, which vary from country to country.

Unlike many companies, there is no Mr. this or Mrs. that. Everyone may call the CEO for every matter. As the company is small, we give the opportunity for each member to make a significant impact in his/her work. We think that our company is an assembly of individuals that only when finding out the good parts of each one, we will be able to maximize our goals.

We are functioning in harmony. Horizontal decision taking process, meaning, no hierarchy, and decision is taken after in depth research and deep discussion with all parties involved