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Mazna Holdings Ltd. is a family development and holding company founded in 1964 by Mr. Moshe Sofer. We develop, build, and manage large scale projects within Central & Eastern Europe and in Scandinavia. Today the main focus for Real Estate is in Croatia and Sweden ( In the recent years, Mazna has diversified its portfolio to include green companies. Through its subsidiary Smart-LED it provides cost saving solutions for its customers to change to green lighting alternatives ( In 2019 Laobiogas was established which sells Homebiogas units for private and commercial customers in Laos, providing a greener and self-sufficient alternative to traditional LPG gas ( In 2020 a joint venture has been established with Windspace A/S ( with the aim to develop large scale solar- and wind projects in Croatia. Our more than five decades of proven experience in various markets and large number of projects is definitely our biggest asset and a true value for any project we are involved in.
Brief History: From being a contractor, the company evolved into a developed company in Real Estate but in recent years has focused more on green energy. The synergy is that in both cases the company strives to develop, build and keep the projects as income producing assets.