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About Us

Founded in 1964 by Mr. Moshe Sofer, Mazna Holdings is a commercial development and holding company. Over the years we have developed, constructed and managed large scale projects in Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Croatia.  More recently, Mazna has diversified its portfolio from real estate-oriented projects into emerging ‘Green Energy’ companies including Wind Energy, LED Lighting and Biogas.

With over five decades of proven success in variety of industries and projects Mazna Holdings is able to add value to any project that we are associated with.

Green Field Projects:
Our main focus in Europe is on “Green Field” projects in Croatia and income generating properties in Scandinavia via our Swedish based company  PS Scandanvia

Wind Energy:
In 2020 a joint venture was established with WindSpace A/S with the aim to develop large scale solar and wind projects in Croatia.

LED Lighting:
Through our subsidiary Smart-LED International we provide cost saving solutions to our customers by upgrading their existing lighting to more efficient green lighting alternatives. Our main customers commercial, industrial municipal level projects.

2019 saw the establishment of MAZNA Holdings as the authorized distributor of the Homebiogas system in South East Asia. We have established teams who are engaged in distribution, project design and technical support in Thailand and Laos via Laobiogas and Thai Bioking.

Our Philosophy
Our greatest asset is the team that is formed by the joining of our staff with those of our partners. We believe that each market has differing and unique opportunities that require a detailed assessment.

Mazna emphasizes the importance on selecting people who are capable of identifying niches in markets and then formulating the best solution to capitalize on the situation.

Our wealth of experience in numerous international development and construction projects provides us with the ability to think outside the box if the circumstances necessitate.

Our local partners contribute greatly to our success by sharing their knowledge of the local culture and customs, as well as assisting us to satisfy the expectations of our local clients.

How we work
In most companies’ new ideas need to be approved by a chain of managers before decisions are made and executed. Mazna uses a self-managed organizational structure that encourages our team to identify areas of opportunity within the organization and propose solution options.

At its core, self-management means knowing exactly what your responsibilities are and then allowing you the freedom to create a plan that achieves the required objectives.
We trust our team as much as we trust our family.

Our culture
Our employees can call the CEO directly about any matter.
As our company is small, we give the opportunity for each member to make a significant impact, however we believe that in order to achieve the desired objectives we must fully utilize all of our members expertise that we have at our disposal.

Mazna is a family-owned company. Our team is our family.